Monday, August 21, 2017

I haven't blogged here since our 50 year reunion. Now Sue Hunter is planning another for our 55th. That will be in 2018 and probably the same venue as the last in Palm Springs. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we had 100 classmates attending!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Five years ago I jumped in to help organize our 50 year class reunion. Along with Sue Hunter, Bill Kouri, and Warren Schifini we set about establishing phone and email contacts with classmates to build interest in the event. The sad news was that we found many members had died and most of the class was unaware. I decided that we needed to memorialize those and all classmates who have left us. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photo from Woody Boater Magazine

Classmate Tim Robinson and son Brian have made quite a name for themselves in what started as a hobby for Tim - classic wooden boat restoration. Robinson Restorations is now restoring a speedboat once owned by Henry Ford. Click on the link to read a great article on Tim and his boat work ... Woody Boater

Friday, December 12, 2014

Team Go Bill

My classmate, Bill Sabatino is battling for his life. He has a rare form of leukemia that requires a stem cell transplant. A compatible donor needs to be found. If you or someone you know are between the ages of 18 and 44 then maybe you or they can help by joining the Be The Match registry.

 Join Now

 You are only asked to donate cells if you come up as a match to a patient.  The process is painless and easy:

There are two types of marrow donation, a peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation and a traditional marrow donation
 - 75% of the time, patients need a stem cell donation, which is similar to donating blood.  This is what Bill needs.
 - 25% of the time patients need marrow cells, which the doctor draws from the donor’s hipbone. You should not experience pain.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

 Melanie Wong - WCHS ASB office responded to my query as to how the Mike Okura Memorial Scoreboard fund is doing. As I recall the needed sum is $75K...long way to go

"We are still under $15,000 I believe. I am forwarding your email to our committee contacts."

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Classmate updates:

Fellow '63 Spartans:

In October of '13 I was diagnosed with some kind of tumor on/in my brain.  (Yes, frequent appearances to the contrary at WCHS, I do have one!).

The Medics removed what they could in April of '14 and I've been doing the radiation/(oral) chemo routine since.

In true Beowolf (remember our classes on that?) style, after my surgery I decided to maintain a 99.97% positive attitude and fight it all the way to the Finish line.  

First, I would follow medical instructions to the letter.  

Second, I would maintain a positive mental attitude and work very hard to NOT become a burden on my wife or our friends, because everyone my/our age has something going on.

Since the April surgery, the remaining tumor ("lesion") is about half the size it was the day after surgery.  I've lost a bit of weight, but needed to do that anyway.  I feel fine, except for mild fatigue and flirtations with nausea, during my "chemo weeks".

This thought has helped me and I share it because it may help others in a similar situation:

                 I have Cancer.

                 It doesn't have me.
Air Cooled Forever!

Mike Newlon
Palm Desert CA

Hello, Mike and Bill Sabatino (with an update for WCHS Class of 1963)

This is Lee Downs.  My compliments on your approaches to dealing with your cancers - I agree completely.  Keep up the good fight!

And yes, Mike, I remember the "Beowulf" sessions as well as "Julius Caesar" from Sophomore year.  And what was that about the Ides of March?

After graduating from MSAC in 1966, I was in the Navy (submarines) from 1966-1995, commissioned from the ranks, retired as a Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) .  Mostly out of the continental US for much of that time, so I lost contact with the whole class.  I was glad to be "found" here in Virginia Beach by the 50th Reunion organizers (man, did they organize!).

But I missed our 50th reunion and actually only made the 15th while I was stationed in San Diego 1973-79.  And I was at our submarine base in Scotland (closed in 1990) when the 25th reunion happened in 1988; couldn't make that one either.

But I digress.  The real message to you both is that I greatly admire your courage and example to us all.  My prayers are with you both.  

Best Regards,

Lee Downs
Virginia Beach VA